Cabinet jammer audio TOWER-A

The Tower-A device is a unique and effective ultrasonic device used to protect classified information.

Based on the author's algorithm of generating of the digital ultrasonic signal jamming. Effectively it protects confidential conversations, consultations, business conferences and secret meetings before the eavesdropping and recording with any voice recorders. 

TOWER-A effectively blocks wiretaps, voice recording and microphones in rooms about the area about 30-40 m 2 such as:

  • microphones in cell phones
  • digital recorders of the sound with the built-in microphone or the microphone on the cable
  • professional digital dictaphones of the type : EDIC-mini, Gnome, Olympus, Gnome DR, Papyrus..
  • voice recorders built-in in smartphones of the type the iPhone, HTC, SONY , LG, SAMSUNG, iPad..
  • radio microphones, microphones of recorders audio-the video
  • microphones of wireless cameras , bugging microphones
  • professional dictaphones hidden in cards to ATMs
  • older and newer voice recorders

Jammer TOWER-A prevents also to leakages of the information by means of eavesdroppings analog, digital, optical and seismic.

The product serves to the stationary work in rooms.


• Type of work: proprietary software for generating digital
  ultrasonic jamming signal.
• Remote radio on / off with a miniature remote control
• Charging and battery status indicator.
• Quiet work - does not produce audible and bothersome sound
  and subtle and discreet camouflage
• Simple handling and operation


  • maximum range: depending on the eavesdropping one ought to accept the area 30-40 m2
  • directivity of the work of the device TOWER-A in the ground plane 360 °  in the vertical plane 105 °
  • radio control, range about 20 meters remote control, operating frequency: 433.92 MHz, ISM band
  • power supplie: the built-in effective battery + the power supply 110-230 V
  • working times from the built-in accumulator battery about 3 hours
  • battery charging time 5 hours
  • weight : 5 kg, the range of the work in the temperature from 0 ° to + 40 °C (32-104 Fahrenheit)
  • size : the height 37 cm., the diameter 16 cm.
  • device is delivered in aesthetic waterproof carrying case
  • guarantee: 36 months